My Why.....



The seed of POWELLŠIM‘ÔN was planted in 2004, wanting to create things seen, unseen and affordable for women like me that wanted to be fly, functional and relevant without breaking the bank....... livable luxury was what I needed and I knew that I wasn't the only woman feeling this way. However, life got in the way, becoming a new mom, fear and uncertainty set in and my lack (resources, skill, financial stability, confidence) had its way which caused me to shelf my ideas, passion and piece of mind. Nevertheless, I would “peek” in on it ever so often to keep it alive by writing down ideas, trying to sketch, reading up on trends and visiting department stores to see and touch what's "new".

Fast forward to 2019, that's right fifteen years later PŠ came  “out of the closet” of would’ve, could’ve, should’ve and became reality, but with new challenges…… nonetheless, out of the closet of my mind, fears, notebooks and iPhone notes.

POWELLŠIM‘ÔN is a lifestyle brand that embodies the essential, unconventional and functional pieces of style for women working to get it all done by bringing functionality to the transitions life brings by accessorizing the way WE do life!

Lastly, POWELLŠIM‘ÔN produces items in small batches so, once an item is out OUT OF STOCK it will never return in the same exact form. As a creative I am already on to the next style and or colorway which keeps my brand fresh and exclusive.